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Arrive Early
Security measures such as bag checks and patron scanning will be in place as fans make their way into the stadium. 

This process will take time, so please be patient and limit the number of bags you bring. Each bag will be inspected, so the more bags you bring the longer it will take.

It is recommended that fans arrive by around 6.30pm-7.00pm, as those who arrive later may miss the team run out and/or the start of the match.


Car Parking
With a large crowd expected, car parking in Yarra Park is limited. 

Drivers should arrive as early as possible or seek an alternative transport method, as space will fill before match time.

Special offer: Footy fans can also park at Le Garage (114 Flinders St) at a discounted rate of $8 by scanning your event ticket at the pay station.

Car Parking opening times:

Gate 3: 3:00pm

Gate 5: 4:00pm

Gate 6: 4:00pm

Gate 7: 7:00am


Public transport
Click here to view all transport information with regards to getting to the MCG.