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Richards clear to face Collingwood

May 20, 2013 4:46 PM

SwansTV: Richards contact with Walters
Ted Richards is free to face Collingwood on Friday night

Ted Richards is free to face Collingwood on Friday night

Sydney Swans defender Ted Richards is clear to face Collingwood at the MCG on Friday night after the Match Review Panel deemed he had no realistic alternative when making contact with Fremantle's Michael Walters last Saturday night.

In other news, Collingwood ruckman Darren Jolly has been cleared after making contact with Geelong's Matthew Stokes.

Incidents Assessed:

Contact between the Sydney Swans' Ted Richards and Fremantle's Michael Walters from the second quarter of Saturday's match was assessed.

The ball was loose with Richards and Walters coming to the contest from opposite directions.

Richards dives at the ball with his arms out as Walters reaches down and ducks into the contest.

It was the view of the panel that Richards had no realistic alternative way to contest the ball and no further action was taken.

The match day report against Collingwood's Darren Jolly for engaging in rough conduct against the Geelong Cats' Matthew Stokes was assessed.

The panel said Geelong's James Podsiadly had the ball and had handballed in the direction of his teammate Stokes.

Jolly is coming to the contest and was preparing to tackle, with his arms out in front of him, until the ball misses Stokes and does not go to the Geelong player.

At the last moment, Jolly turns and braces for contact, when he can no longer tackle.

After speaking to the umpire who laid the report, viewing all available footage and receiving a medical report from the Geelong Cats' Football Club, it was the view of the panel the majority of the contact was to Stokes' body and the force in the high contact was below that required to constitute a reportable offence .

No further action was taken.