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Sydney Derby Trivia

Sydney Swans Media  April 21, 2017 11:40 AM

Sydney Derby XII is set to be played out at the SCG on Saturday night.

Sydney Derby XII is set to be played out at the SCG on Saturday night.

Test your knowledge of the Sydney Derby as in the lead up to Saturday night's blockbuster against the Giants at the SCG.

1.Which three players have played in all 11 Sydney derbies?

2. Which player has won the Brett Kirk Medal as best afield in the Sydney derby three times?

3. Which player has polled most Brownlow Medal votes in Sydney derbies?

4. Who is the only player to play for both clubs in a Sydney derby?

5. Who is the other player to have played for both Sydney AFL clubs but has not played in a Sydney derby?

6. Which brothers have played against each other in a Sydney derby?

7. What brothers have played together in a Sydney derby for the same club? 

8. Which player has had most possessions overall in Sydney derbies?

9. Who kicked the first goal in the first Sydney derby in 2012?

10. Who has kicked most goals overall in Sydney derbies?

11. Apart from the 17 GWS players who made their AFL derby in the first derby in 2012, what six players – three from each club - have debuted in a Sydney derby?

12. Which player has made most tackles overall in Sydney derbies?

13. Name the four Swans players who played in the first Sydney derby in 2012 who are now with a rival AFL club?

14. Which eight members of the Swans side in the first derby have retired from AFL football?

15. The overall record in 11 Sydney derbies favors the Swans 8-3. How many derbies did the Swans win before the GWS posted their first derby win?

ANSWERS (at April 20, 2017): (1) Josh Kennedy, Heath Grundy and Callan Ward. (2) Kieren Jack. (3) Josh Kennedy (12). (4) Shane Mumford. (5) Jed Lamb. (6) Rhyce and Heath Shaw. (7) Kieren and Brandon Jack. (8) Josh Kennedy (305). (9) Kieren Jack. (10) Jeremy Cameron (21). (11) Harry Cunningham, Dane Rampe, James Rose (Sydney), Lachie Plowman, Lachie Whitfield, Jono O’Rourke (GWS). (12) Callan Ward (63). (13) Craig Bird (Ess), Lewis Jetta (WC), Shane Mumford (GWS). (14) Jude Bolton, Andrejs Everitt, Adam Goodes, Nick Malceski, Marty Mattner, Ben McGlynn, Ted Richards, Lewis Roberts-Thomson. (15) Four – the first GWS win came in Round 1 2014.