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Pocket Profile: Oliver Florent

Sydney Swans Media  May 17, 2017 11:14 AM

Oliver Florent is this week's guest in our pocket profile series.

Oliver Florent is this week's guest in our pocket profile series.

Nickname: Ollie

Name: Oliver Florent

AFL club supported as a kid: Hawthorn

Best moment in junior footy: Winning the TAC Grand Final

Before a game I always: Listen to music

As a footballer, how would you like to be remembered: A consistent, skillful midfielder

The player from another club you most like to watch: Cyril Rioli

All-time favourite player: Cyril Rioli

Etihad Stadium roof – open or shut: Shut

What do you like to do on your days off: Relax with mates

How do you amuse yourself on a plane flight during the footy season? Listen to music or watch a movie

Which singer/band would you like to see perform at the AFL Grand Final: Childish Gambino

Who is the king of selfies at your club: Jack Maibaum

If you could swap jobs with someone, who would it be: Leonardo DiCaprio

Favourite city in the world to visit: New York

What’s next on your travel bucket list: Hawaii

Childhood hero: Roger Federer

Your wife/partner or best friend would describe you as: Enthusiastic

What is your worst trait: Being small

Least preferred household chore: Dishes

The three most admired people you would like to meet: Margot Robbie, MJ, Childish Gambino

Your most treasured possession: My watch

Favourite professional sporting team: Houston Rockets

Favourite sporting hero: Roger Federer

Favourite food: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Favourite movie and movie star: Focus, Margot Robbie

Favourite TV show: Entourage

Three things you would like to do after your footy career: Learn guitar, travel the world, learn to surf properly.