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Longmire: Strength got us through

Sydney Swans Media  October 11, 2017 11:12 AM

Skilton Medal: Senior Coach Address Senior Coach John Longmire addressed the audience at the 2017 Bob Skilton Medal.
John Longmire addresses the room at the 2017 Club Champion Dinner.

John Longmire addresses the room at the 2017 Club Champion Dinner.

John Longmire has highlighted the strength of the Club during a tough start to the season as one of the key catalysts for turning the 2017 season around.

In an open and honest assessment of the season during the Club Champion Dinner, Longmire thanked the staff, board and club partners for their ongoing support during testing times.

Longmire said it was important to note the stability at all levels of the Club was important in the team making the finals after a 0-6 start.

“I know that all staff, supporters and partners are grateful that we are part of a strong Club here at the Swans,” he said.

“The strength of clubs isn’t tested until things become hard, it’s much easier for everyone to stick together when things are going well.”

“It is not to say that challenging conversations don’t and won’t happen, they do however these conversations are always based on the strength of relationships at all levels across our organisation.

“When things get tough, we trust we have the right people throughout to get ourselves going again.”

The senior coach revealed his biggest showing of support came when he received an email from Chairman Andrew Pridham in late April.

“Things will turn for the better,” Pridham wrote.

“An injury run will end and things will gel - maintain focus and perspective then results will follow.”

Over the last two seasons thirteen players have made their AFL debut at the Swans for a total of 261 games – the most of any Club in the competition.

“It goes to our philosophy of trying to be competitive and bringing some young players through at the same time,” Longmire said.

“Some of these kids as well as some other critical emerging leaders were important when we tested to the max in the first six weeks of the year.

“Our leaders and senior players led by first year captain Josh Kennedy were crucial in us playing finals after an 0-6 start.”