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Sydney Swans No. 1 Ticket Holders

Deborah Hutton (right) and Sydney Swans Chairman Andrew Pridham (left) hands over the reins as the Sydney Swans' No. 1 Ticket Holder to Cynthia Banham (centre) at the 2018 Club Champion Dinner.

Cynthia Banham, Sydney's No 1 Ticket Holder in 2018

The Sydney Swans are pleased to announce respected journalist Cynthia Banham as the new No. 1 ticketholder for the 2019 season.

The highly esteemed journalist, author, solicitor and teacher has been a passionate Sydney Swans member since 2007.

Banham had a life-changing experience that few could imagine when 11 years ago while covering a tour by the Australian Foreign Minister in Indonesia, she survived a plane crash that claimed 21 lives.

The accident resulted in severe physical injuries, however, it did not dent her courage or her zest for life.

Banham is a key member of the Sydney Swans Diversity Action Plan Committee.

The announcement, made by Sydney Swans Chairman Andrew Pridham at the 2018 Club Champion Dinner, was met with emotion from Banham who was overjoyed by the opportunity.

“I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined such an honour and I am so grateful to the Swans,” Banham said.

“After the accident the Swans were incredible to me, it started when I was in hospital for six months and they sent me a signed guernsey.

“If that was all the Swans ever did I would have loved them forever and that would have been it for me.” 

Banham takes over the role of No. 1 ticketholder from media personality Deborah Hutton who held the role in season 2018.

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