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Proudly Sydney

Staff Listing

Chief Executive Officer: Tom Harley

Head of Football: Charlie Gardiner
Chief Financial Officer: Kirsty Walker
Head of Strategy: Grant Rose
Head of Commercial Operations: Kelle Storey
Head of Customer & Community: Natalie Fagg

Head of Media & Communications: Loretta Johns

Executive Assistant: Janene Thoma

Football Department

Football Operations
Football Operations Manager: Peter Berbakov
Assistant Football Manager: Maddie Head
Player Welfare and Development Manager: Dennis Carroll
Player Development Manager: Dan Ryall
Football Assistant/TPP: Vanessa Muellner
NEAFL Manager: Craig Holden
Team Swans Assistant: Gina Keeble
Logistics Manager: Nick Verhelst


Senior Coach: John Longmire
Assistant Coach - Forwards: Steve Johnson
Assistant Coach - Backs: Tadhg Kennelly
Assistant Coach - Midfield: Brett Kirk
Assistant Coach - Midfield: Dean Cox
Opposition Analyst: Stuart Maxfield
Head of Development/Coaching Director: John Blakey
Development Coach: Lloyd Perris
Development Coach: Jeremy Laidler

High Performance
High Performance Coach: Rob Spurrs
Strength Coach: Mark Kilgallon
Conditioning Coach: Mike Rennie
Conditioning Coach: Steve Kelly
GPS Analyst: Will Sheehan
Dietician: Elise Anderson

Head of Injury Prevention and Physiotherapy: Matt Cameron
Senior Physiotherapist: Tim Needham
Physiotherapist: Matt McCutcheon
Massage & Trainer Coordinator: Josh Elliott

Head Doctor: Tom Cross
Reserves Doctor: David Samra
Psychologist: Suzie Rhydderch

Football IT:
Football Technology Coordinator: Mathew Knight
Statistics Specialist: Joe Bradley

QBE Sydney Swans Academy:
General Manager - Academy: Chris Smith

Head Coach: Jared Crouch
Talent ID & Development Manager: Nick Davis
Systems and Operations Manager: Anthony Cahill


General Manager - Recruiting and List Strategy:  Kinnear Beatson
National Recruiting Manager: Simon Dalrymple
Manager - Recruiting and List Strategy: Ross Monaghan
Senior Recruiting Analyst: Chris Keane
South Australian Coordinator: Sean Malone
Western Australia Coordinator: Brett Barber
Queensland Coordinator: Patrick Garner

Commercial Operations

Financial Manager: Erica Archibald
Assistant Accountant: Helena Thoma
Accounts Payable/Receivable: Paul O’Connor

Accounts Assistant: Martin Ng

Information Technology
Information Technology Manager: Mitch Miller
Data Analyst: Jess Drake

IT Assistant: Shaun Hayman

Human Resources
Human Resource Manager: Scott Dalby
Payroll Accountant & HR Assistant: Nicole Fairbairn

General Manager - Sales & Sydney Sports Group: Jad Maserow
Senior Manager, Business Development & Sydney Sports Group: Tyrone Burnet
Business Development Executive: Jonathan Aukett
Business Development Executive: Tim Shumack

Senior Manager - Marketing: Simone Green
Marketing Specialist: Tia Bool

Commercial Operations

General Manager – Match Day, Events & Hospitality: Amanda Turner
Senior Manager - Match Day, Events & Hospitality: Phoebe Jagoe
Match Day & Events Manager: Becky Choake
Events and Hospitality Manager: Keeley Norton
Events and Hospitality Coordinator: Jacqui McGregor

Senior Manger - Commercial Operations: Lauren Marr
Senior Manager - Corporate Partnerships: Kristin Nopson
Corporate Partnerships Manager: Jacob Sargeant
Corporate Partnerships Manager: Lily Brown
Corporate Partnerships Manager: Carla Monforte
Corporate Partnerships Executive: Jeremiah Morris

Customer & Community
General Manager - Customer: Jenny Chisholm

Membership Operations Manager: Amy Cotton
Membership Support Manager: Anita Murphy
Customer Care Specialist: Michael Jennings
Youth Development Specialist: Declan Summerville
Enrolment and Value Specialist: Kate John
Receptionist: Vacant

Customer Acquisition and Engagement Manager: Rochelle Greyling
Customer Acquisition Executive: Kristine Marinkovic

Ticketing Manager: Paul Humphries 

Product Manager - Retail: Anton Kastner

Senior Manager - Fan Community: Arna Hunt
Community Engagement Manager: David Reis
Community Engagement Executive: Alex Bouttell

Media & Communications
Media & Public Relations Manager: Jordan Laing
Digital Media Manager: Shane Potter
Media Coordinator: Zachary Gates
Multimedia Producer: Brendan Modini
Multimedia Producer: Joel Ludemann
Social Media Manager: Michelle Cooling
Graphic Designer: Michael Blythe

Melbourne & Sydney Swans Foundation
Executive Assistant: Lucinda Paccagnan
Operations Manager - Melbourne: Nic Cattapan
Sydney Swans Foundation Campaign Manager: Mel Hadden
Member Services/Merchandise Executive: Chris Gregoriades