Young midfielder Oliver Florent’s status as a rising star of the competition continued its rise on Friday night at the MCG against Melbourne.

Florent had 28 disposals including 12 contested possession against Melbourne with his run and carry with the football shining out in the Swans big win.

Co-captain Dane Rampe said he could not be more pleased with what he has seen from the 21-year old midfielder in recent weeks.

“His last three or four weeks has been a huge improvement and he just has the ball on a string at the moment,” Rampe said.

“He has taken the game on; his inside and outside balance has been great and that is what we expect of him.”

Florent has had 28, 29 and 28 disposals over the last three weeks showing the consistency of the best midfielders in the competition mixing his inside contested work with outside run and carry.

Forward Daniel Menzel said he had noticed the step up Florent had taken over the last month of football.

“Particularly early I thought he was really good for us and got us going,” Menzel said post match.

“He has moved into the centre of the ground in the last few weeks and it has made a difference for us.

“We have a lot of young talent and he is obviously right at the top of that and he played really well tonight.”