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Pocket Profile: Luke Parker

Luke Parker is the latest player to take part in the pocket profile series.

Name: Luke Parker

Nickname: Parks

Grand final – day, twilight, or night: Day

Bounce – yes or no: Yes

Best set shot: Zak Jones

Most underrated AFL player: Lance Franklin

My coach often says: Ham, but good ham

Best advice you’ve received: A penny is a penny earned

Favourite AFLW player: Nicola Barr

Least-preferred teammate on road trips and why: Callum Mills – he doesn’t eat gluten

Funniest teammate: George Hewett

Which teammates pick themselves in AFL Fantasy: Kizza Jack

Team barracked for as a kid: Carlton

Most inspiring movie: Base Ketball

Best concert attended: Linkin Park

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram

Favourite café: Mahon Pool

And what do you order? Bacon and egg roll

Guilty pleasure: Vanilla Slice

Your passions or interests outside footy: Surfing and talking to my dog

Do you have any pets? Dog – Indie

Favourite cartoon or movie character: Peter Griffin 

Favourite holiday spot: South Coast