As we enter into the mid-winter season it seems a fitting time to remind you all about the risks of taking both medications and nutritional supplements from an anti-doping perspective.

Pseudoephedrine is a common ingredient in over-the-counter cold and flu medications and is PROHIBITED on game day.

For all you U18’s, this means if you test positive by urine sample to pseudoephedrine on a match-day, you will receive a ban. The take home message is if in doubt DON’T take it!

Additionally, a reminder about nutritional supplements which include everything from vitamins, minerals, protein powders, pre-workouts to herbal supplements such as vital greens, maca powder and matcha powder.

Don’t forget these are extremely well marketed but their claims are rarely supported by actual science. The good news is, most of you don’t need supplements and if you do, you’ll be referred to an Accredited Sports Dietitian. 

A few cautionary tales …..

  • Protein powders are often added to food products to boost the protein content. The protein powder itself is a supplement even though it is disguised in food. READ THE LABELS and AVOID ADDED PROTEIN POWDERS in foods such as protein balls, bliss balls, protein bars, paleo bars or even Carman’s protein nut bars!
  • One to be wary of is MACA powder. The trendy millennials have gone mad for this, so local cafes and smoothies/juice bars are likely to be banging it in everything! It is touted to assist energy, endurance, mood and immunity BUT it has been associated with increasing hormone levels which may make it look like a banned substance in a urine sample so AVOID!
  • Matcha powder is also considered a HIGH RISK supplement as it is a green tea extract and has a high potential for cross contamination in manufacturing.
  • Pre-workouts – you don’t need them and they are the most likely to return a positive drug test!