The latest episode of our brand new podcast, More than Footy, presented by Bing Lee is now LIVE!

‘More than Footy’ features guests connected to the red and white family who open up about their life and love of the game. The show illustrates that the reach of footy extends well beyond the game on the field.​

This week’s episode of More than Footy features Australian UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski, who reveals what he got up to on his visit to Swans HQ.

The 26-4 fighter shared his thoughts on AFL, how he went from rugby league to MMA, his thoughts on concussion in sport, and that time Volk was brutally shut down by his own daughter following his loss to Islam Makhachev.

Listen to the episode below.

2:45 How Volk went from rugby league to MMA
5:40 How self-belief drove him to pursue MMA professionally
10:20 Volk shares his thoughts on concussion
13:20 That time the Volk was shutdown by his own daughter



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