The latest episode of our brand new podcast, More than Footy, presented by Bing Lee is now LIVE!

‘More than Footy’ features guests connected to the red and white family who open up about their life and love of the game. The show illustrates that the reach of footy extends well beyond the game on the field.​

This week on More than Footy we catch up with AFLW Senior coach Scott Gowans and Co-captain Lucy McEvoy. With AFLW preseason officially underway the duo provide an update on how the squad is looking ahead of the 2024 season.

Scott also makes an exciting announcement and gives us an insight into his relationship with John Longmire.

Listen to the episode below.

3:00 Scott on his contract extension with the club
5:20 Scott makes an exciting announcement
5:30 Lucy on her leadership alongside Chloe Molloy
8:00 Scott opens up on his relationship with John Longmire
9:20 Scott & Lucy share their thoughts on the condensed AFLW fixture



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