Callum Mills

Callum is completing modified team training well. We expect him to recommence full team training this week.  

Gus Sheldrick

Angus’ ankle has settled well. He is working on reducing his swelling, regaining range of motion and maintaining his aerobic fitness.

Robbie Fox

Robbie has progressed well in non-contact training. He will be a test to return to play this weekend.  

Sam Reid

Sam has returned to modified team training this week. We expect him to continue in modified team training this week before returning to full team training. 

Corey Warner

Corey has progress well in training over the past week and will be a test to return to play in the VFL this weekend.

Jack Buller

Jack will have surgery on his lumbar disc this week.

Harry Arnold

Harry continues in light skills training. He will maintain this level for the next fortnight before reassessing his progress.

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