The Sydney Swans have decided to appeal the Tribunal's decision to uphold Isaac Heeney's striking ban.

The Swans were unsuccessful in overturning Heeney’s one-match ban for striking St Kilda's Jimmy Webster at the Tribunal last night.

Heeney is set to miss Saturday’s clash with North Melbourne and as it stands is out of the running for the Brownlow Medal.

The Appeals Board will likely be held on Thursday evening.

“It’s important when you’ve got someone in your football club like Isaac of the highest character that you support your players,” Sydney Swans CEO Tom Harley said on Wednesday afternoon speaking to NewsCorp.

“We feel as if the tribunal’s decision was unfair, and therefore, that’s the primary driver behind our appeal.

“(The Brownlow Medal) is not necessarily at the front of the appeal, but it’s certainly a consideration. There have been past examples of players who have been deemed ineligible. One of the disappointing aspects is it wouldn’t have been deemed the same way if it happened last year.

“As a former player, who has a feel for this exact contest between forward and defender, they each used their own craft to try and win the contest and gain separation. Isaac is an experienced forward, and equally Jimmy an experienced defender.

“The situation was clearly players in motion and a jostling for position. As Isaac explained, he went to swipe Webster. That is a common occurrence for as long as I can remember.”