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Former No. 1 ticket-holder recognised for cancer contribution

A former No. 1 ticket-holder of the Sydney Swans has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to helping women with gynaecological cancer. 

Long-time Swans member and 2015 No. 1 ticket-holder Duncan McPherson OAM was on Wednesday one of two recipients of the 2018 Jeannie Ferris Cancer Australia Recognition Award.

McPherson lost his wife to ovarian cancer in 2010 and was recognised for his commitment to driving funds for gynaecological cancer research nurses and raising awareness for the vital cause.

Gynaecological cancer is an umbrella term for cancers of the female reproductive system, including cancers of the cervix, fallopian tubes and placenta.

Seventeen women on average are diagnosed with the cancer every day and five women lose their lives.

Cancer Australia CEO Helen Zorbas said McPherson’s contribution to the cause was immense.

“Duncan’s focus has been to ensure continued funding of clinical research nurses in recognition of their pivotal role in encouraging women into clinical trials, supporting them during the trials and in the follow-up,” Zorbas said.

“In harnessing his passion for equine pursuits he has raised more than one $1 million to fund gynaecological cancer clinical research nurses via a variety of endeavours. 

“I’m delighted to acknowledge these two outstanding Australians who have shown exceptional commitment to supporting improved outcomes for women with gynaecological cancer.”

The Sydney Swans congratulate McPherson on the receiving of the award.