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Heeney marvels at new wave of talent

Isaac Heeney is preparing for his fourth consecutive finals series at the Club.

Sydney star Isaac Heeney believes the Swans have some serious emerging talent in their ranks and has given the youngest of them all a massive compliment.

Still only 22, Heeney has already logged 79 senior games going into Saturday's elimination final against local rivals GWS.

As Sydney rolls into its ninth consecutive finals campaign, it's clear its crop of youngsters will have big roles to play.

Heeney apart, the group includes Tom Papley and George Hewett (both 22), Oliver Florent and Ben Ronke (both 20), Will Hayward (19) and Tom McCartin (18), who was the youngest player taken in last year's draft and has already played 14 games.

That's not including injured 21-year-old 2016 Rising Star winner Callum Mills.

"There's some serious talent there," Heeney said.

"You look at the likes of Ollie Florent and Will Hayward, with a lot of X-factor and athleticism that is next level.

"Someone like Tom McCartin, who is just an absolute beast and just gets the job done.

"He flies in and he's one of the most courageous blokes I know and hits the pack hard."

Considered a potential future captain of the club, NSW product Heeney's experience at a relatively young age effectively makes him the leader of the new wave of Swans.

"You definitely think about it, if you can be a bit of a role model to the younger fellows coming through," he said.

"I've been there before and it wasn't that long ago.

"So if I can share my experiences with them and make them become a better footballer and possibly jump in and secure a role in the senior team, I'll do that."

Initially used as a key forward and then as a midfielder, Heeney has also been thrown down back late in recent games.

He was massive in that role in the close win over Collingwood, taking several clutch grabs, including a contender for mark of the year.

"It is enjoyable when it comes off, that's for sure," Heeney said.

"But tell you what, it's nerve-racking down there, especially when you are one-out and you know you should be at least getting a fist to it."