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The Moment: The Baynes

Rod Bayne and his wife Diane showing their support for the red and white.

In this series, we uncover the moment when passionate Swans members fell in love with the red and white.

Rod Bayne and his wife Diane were West Coast Eagles fans when they arrived in the Harbour City in the mid-1990s, but a rollcall of star Sydney Swans talent would draw them to the red and white very quickly.

Names like Tony Lockett, Paul Kelly and Warwick Capper were lighting up the SCG late in the 20th century – so when Bayne and his partner-turned-wife began heading to the Moore Park venue as keen footy fans, it wasn’t long before they’d be cheering on the Swans.

“I remember they had a heap of good players running around in the ‘90s,” Bayne told Swans Media.

“Warwick Capper came along with the short shorts, Andrew Dunkley was around, Tony Lockett joined the Swans, Paul Kelly was there – there were a lot of very good players for the Swans at that time.

“Paul Kelly could do anything. He had the whole lot. He came off the rookie list but went on to show how special a player he was. He was always so dominant out of the centre or up forward, and he was always a privilege to watch.”

More than 20 years on, Bayne and his wife are as avid as ever about the red and white.

They rarely miss a game at home, are in the stands for a handful of away matches every season and were at the SCG for Sydney’s 19-point win over Hawthorn on Friday night.

And for a couple as passionate about the Swans as most, there are few better ways to welcome the weekend than with a win on a Friday night.