Two influential Swans have been included among the first 20 players revealed in the AFL players top 50 ahead of the start of the season. 

The challenge was set to AFL players to simply rank the best in the game with Dane Rampe and Dan Hannebery being revealed among the list of 50-30.

One of the most important defenders in the Swans line up, Rampe was the first revealed when he was named at number 42 in the list. 

Hannebery was named at number 36 on the list with the top 30 still to be revealed in the coming days.

See below a summary of the two Swans players included as mentioned on

Dane Rampe
Sydney Swans

Last year's ranking: -
Official AFL Player Rating: 117
Debut: 2013
Games: 115
AFL Fantasy value: $470,000

It's not a coincidence Sydney started slowly last season while Rampe nursed a broken arm. He has become perhaps the Swans' most important defender, because he can stop an opponent while providing rebound. The Rampe story is all the more remarkable considering he was originally picked up as a rookie in 2013.

Dan Hannebery

Last year's ranking: 13
Official AFL Player Rating: 53
Debut: 2009
Games: 193
AFL Fantasy value: $665,000 

The tough midfielder was statistically down on what he had produced in the previous few seasons, but was still an important player for the Swans. Hannebery, who averaged 24.7 disposals per game in 2017, is part of one of the most formidable midfields in the AFL, alongside Josh Kennedy and Luke Parker. Hannebery is clean in traffic and puts his body in the line more often than he needs to.