The Sydney Swans were back out on the track on Wednesday as the 2017/18 pre-season campaign rolled on.

While some were put through their paces on the park, a select number tackled a gruelling circuit under the warm morning sun.

From medicine balls, tackle bags, ropes and good ol' fashion push ups, the short sharp session kept the participants on their toes and breathing in the big ones.

Sydney Media was there with a camera to capture the action and have compiled the best shots from the session below.

Jack Maibaum feels the strain while tackling the medicine ball.

Zak Jones goes one-on-one with the tackle bag.

No medicine ball was harmed during the circuit.

Luke Parker digs deep.

Callum Mills sees the funny side of the gruelling session.

Dane Rampe doesnt...

Time to cool off.

Up and over for Tom Papley.

Parker feels the full force of the morning sun.

Back to work...

Lewis Melican tackles the ropes.