Head of Football Tom Harley has provided an update as talks begin at Etihad Stadium to kick off the 2016 AFL Trade Period.

Harley spoke to the media as he arrived along with List and Strategy Manager Kinnear Beatson on Monday Morning.

Find below an update on out of contract players Tom Mitchel, Dean Towers and Toby Nankervis below.

Tom Mitchell
“We spoke late last week and are expecting to hear from his manager Phil Mullen later on today so until we have that conversation there is nothing further to progress. I expect there will be further news later on. There is a bit of water to go under the bridge at this point so we will know a bit more later on.”

Dean Towers and Toby Nankervis
“They are certainly required players. They are both out of contract and have had contracts offered to them throughout the year. I guess that is what today and this week is about that we find out a bit more about other clubs. They are certainly required players from our end.”

Reports of interest in Shaun Edwards
“I did read that but I think it is one of those ones that you can’t rule anything in or out to be honest especially when it comes to delisted free agents. We haven’t made any contact with Shaun Edwards.