It may look like something out of a sci-fi movie but the premise behind the latest addition to the Sydney Swans changeroom is simple – the more you sleep, the better you perform.

With footballers spending the majority of their day training and preparing their bodies for the rigours of the AFL season, there is an increasing need to rest and recover.

Thanks to the new sleep pods at the club, players can get away for up to 25 minutes for a power nap which will help them stay more alert, be more active, reduce tiredness and actually improve performance.

Swans high performance operations manager Peter Berbakov said there are many benefits of the new sleep pods.

“There’s been a lot of research around napping during the day and certainly one of the advantages we have is that we have players who live between Bondi and Coogee and they can duck home and catch up on some work, or a bite to eat or have a quick relax at home,” Berbarkov told SwansTV.

“If players need to catch up on sessions during the day, we’re providing them with the option to have a nap during the day which the research really supports.

“Primarily we want to make sure the players are having good evening sleeps and we don’t want to disrupt that and we focus on making sure, after expending a lot of energy, they get up to nine hours of sleep to recover so this certainly isn’t a replacement for poor sleeping habits.

“The research is showing that anything between 15 and 25 minutes during the day helps cognitive function so learning ability, sharpness in the mind, as well as helping regenerate the body and physically preparing for afternoon sessions.

“So 15 to 25 minutes (of sleep) and hopefully that gives them the spike for the second half of the day after they’ve been training up to three and a half hours in the morning and then backing that up with a session in the afternoon.”

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