During the winter months at the SCG you would find Mark Adams screaming his Sydney Swans home to victory.

The Californian native and his partner Stephanie enjoy riding the highs of an Isaac Heeney screamer or a boundary line stunner from Lance Franklin.

But it is the sense of community that exists from being associated with the Sydney Swans that they enjoy most.

“The Sydney Swans seem to be a club that is all about the fans and community that they are in and find it important to be a part of that community,” Adams said.

“There is a strong understanding of the diverse supporter base that exists among Swans fans.”

After migrating to Australia in 2008 the Swans fanatic discovered the game of AFL in 2011 before becoming a member in 2012.

His affinity with the red and white continued to grow following the 2012 premiership success and then even further when he discovered the Rainbow Swans in 2015 working with the Marriage Equality campaign. 

The campaign was looking to partner with the Sydney Swans for Pride Game, an important community initiative that is now a cornerstone of the Swans fixture each year. 

“I looked up the Rainbow Swans because I knew Pride Round was happening and we were looking to get involved,” he recalls.

“I reached out to the Rainbow Swans to see if we could form a partnership and have enjoyed being part of the group since.”

Mark’s support of the Rainbow Swans is as important as any member, while he doesn’t identify as LGBTIQ, he is an important ally to the community.

It is the way things have been for Mark and Stephanie for as long as he can remember.

“For a lot of our life most of our friends just happen to be part of the LGBTIQ community so we naturally feel attached to it,” he said.

“Whether you fit directly into one of the categories under the LGBTIQ banner or not, everyone feels a part of the community.

“It is not just about those that are directly impacted in the Pride space, but it is also about friends and family and ensuring they feel welcome to be involved as well,” he said.

Mark has taken part in the Mardi Gras parade with the Sydney Swans as well as played a key role in the Rainbow Swans activities around the annual Pride Game.

HSBC is the official Pride partner of the Sydney Swans and proudly supports the inclusion of everyone in the community.