The bloodline of legend Michael O'Loughlin will continue to run deep into the four walls of the Sydney Swans with his talented nephew TJ Speedy-Coe joining the QBE Sydney Swans Academy.

The promising small forward had played rugby league for 14 years and recently earned selection with the the Sydney Roosters Harold Matthews side, while also playing in Waverley College's open basketball team, but has since decided to pursue his desire to play in the AFL.

The Year 11 student, who currently plays for Sydney University Under-19s AFL side despite being just 17 years old, says he has embraced the challenges of his cross-code switch and has credited the QBE Sydney Swans Academy for helping him transition seamlessly.

"For me, it was about trying something new in my life and I had played most sports, but not AFL," Speedy-Coe said.

"I guess it suits my body and playing style, I'm used to running around and being me.

"It's one that I feel like I'm closest to now and it's good (because) it was time for a change and I always felt like I could play this game.

"At first I was scared to come (to the Academy) but now I love coming here two days a week. They have helped with my kicking and also how I talk to other players on the field."

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QBE Sydney Swans Academy: TJ Speedy Coe

Meet TJ Speedy-Coe, the nephew of Swans legend Michael O'Loughlin and current member of the QBE Sydney Swans Academy.

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O'Loughlin, who played 303 games for the club and kicked 521 goals, helped Speedy-Coe earn a scholarship with Waverley College as part of the GO Foundation's program that assists Indigenous youth with their educational costs.

He lauded the impact of the QBE Sydney Swans Academy on young athletes like Speedy-Coe, who are hoping to fulfill their potential in the AFL, but more importantly spoke of the invaluable life lessons that can also be taught within the program. 

"I'm the Managing Director of ARA Indigenous Services and it's a business that that I'm really proud of," he said.

"They provide opportunities for our people and they have been a great supporter of the GO Foundation. We currently have over 700 kids across the country that have GO Foundation scholarships.

"We want to inspire the next generation to come through and become business owners like myself and Adam (Goodes). We want them to take hold of their future.

"The QBE Sydney Swans Academy is incredible. Both the boys and girls programs are outstanding and there's a lot of life lessons when you play AFL - hard work, discipline, and the sacrifice.

"The kids get expert coaching and they're incredibly lucky to be part of the program. They work hard and they learn great lessons.

Speedy-Coe has shown glimpses of becoming a future star of the game with his lightning speed and blistering footwork. He says watching players such as his uncle O'Loughlin inspire him to work harder to achieve his dream.

"It definitely does (give me inspiration to play in the AFL). Watching players like him and knowing he's my uncle it inspires me to try harder and make it in the sport," he said.

"The way he tears the other team apart it is awesome to watch. 

"It is definitely a dream for me to one day play in the AFL - hopefully for the Swans."