We all have that one ‘moment’ that hooks us to becoming lifelong Swans fans. That ‘moment’ that makes the hair on the back of our necks stand up. That ‘moment’ that catapults us out of our seat. That ‘moment’ where we feel part of a tribe.”
Craig Dodson, April 16, 2018
Sydney Swans Member

When players take their moment, we share the delight and in 2019 we are sharing some moments with our Swans members.

‘The Moments’ series will dive into our passionate member base and tell their stories. We will uncover moments that have sparked the passion for the red and white and brought them closer to our football Club. The moments that matter to our members and enhance their emotional connection to the Sydney Swans.

In the first instalment, we meet James and Charlotte Howison, Swans members from Melbourne.

James has passed on his love for the Club to his 7-year-old daughter whose bedroom is a shrine to the red and white.  

Charlotte and James first caught our eye when an image of the pair was captured by AFL photos in our thriller against the Kangaroos in Melbourne last year, as you will see it certainly captured a moment.

It’s a moment of pure joy between father and daughter, the two celebrating Aliir Aliir kicking the winning goal and it’s a moment that they will treasure forever.

We look forward to bringing you the stories of our passionate Sydney Swans members in 2019 in ‘The Moments’ series.