Sydney Swans Coach John Longmire and players Jordan Dawson, Robbie Fox and Callum Sinclair have taken part in the 2020 MEN-tality project, a men’s mental health awareness project by photographer Peter Brew-Bevan.

The aim of the 2020 MEN-tality project is to bring together male Australian celebrities and personalities from industries such as sport, music, film and television and the creative arts and for them to share an experience that they may have dealt with themselves or in supporting a mate.

Project founder Peter Brew-Bevan said he wants to destigmatise the notion that it is un-manly to open up and show vulnerability.

“I want their stories and words of encouragement to encourage other men to do the same. It is OK to admit that you are not OK,” Brew-Bevan said.

Visit the 2020 MEN-tality project website to see more portraits and read more stories from the project.

See below the portraits by Peter Brew-Bevan and the words which our Swans representatives have shared as part of this project.