Last year ahead of his 250th AFL game, we asked Josh Kennedy’s teammates to describe him in three words.

The most reoccurring words? Bull. Champion. Best midfielder ever. Great. Weapon. Unstoppable. Beast. Superstar. Big time player. Consistent. Leader. Champion.

There’s plenty of other words to describe Josh Kennedy but the Swans co-captain always lets his footy do the talking.

Since his Swans debut in 2010, Kennedy has accumulated a long list of accomplishments in the red and white which includes the 2012 Premiership, three Club Champion awards, the captaincy and All-Australian honours three times as well as finishing third in the 2014 and 2017 Brownlow Medal counts.

Celebrating the 2012 Premiership.

Kennedy arrived at the Swans in 2010 as a 21-year old, after being traded from Hawthorn, leaving his family and friends in Victoria behind.

He then built his football career and his family in the harbour city and it’s something that, going into his 250th game with the Swans, he looks back and reflects on.

“I was 21 when I came up to Sydney,” Kennedy said.

“You leave family and friends back in Melbourne and the footy club is your support network and your family. The Swans have been everything to me over that time.

“Walking into that club now feels like I am walking in the front door of home and it’s something special I will hold dear and I don’t think that will ever change.”

Kennedy said playing 250 games in the red and white is a real honour and something he is incredibly proud of.

“Thinking back to when I first came up to Sydney you’d hope for the best but even hoping for the best I never would have thought this would be the case. I am really, really grateful for the opportunity all those years ago.

“Sydney has been such a big part of my life, the football club, the city and everyone that is involved with it.”

A 'bull' at every contest. A bandaged Josh Kennedy in 2017.

Alongside his role as the Swans captain, Kennedy’s most important job as husband and father began in Sydney.

He married partner Ana in 2015 and together they welcomed children Emilio (6 years old) and Isabella (2 years old).

“It’s happened pretty quickly but it’s been really special,” Kennedy said.

“It’s added to that feeling of belonging and gratitude towards the Sydney Swans.

“To see my two kids running around the place and Emilio coming along to a couple of training sessions during the pre-season. It’s such a big part of my life and my extended family.”

Emilio Kennedy having a run with Dad at pre-season in 2021.

At 32-years of age Kennedy still has plenty to give but is certainly taking on the father role not just at home with Emilio and Isabella but with the young Swans group, leading from the front at every opportunity.

With so much accomplished in his career to date, the hunger still remains for Kennedy to achieve ultimate success again.

“My only real goal is to get us back up to competing for finals and a premiership,” Kennedy said.

“If I can be around long enough for that to happen that would absolutely make my life.”