Rick Quade being inducted in the Sydney Swans Hall of Fame in 2011

Former former Swans player and coach Rick Quade is the club’s number one ticket holder in 2022.

Quade said he was humbled to receive the honour as the Sydney Swans celebrate 40 years in the Harbour City.

“It’s a wonderful honour, particularly following on from some of the people who have held this post prior to this announcement,” said Quade.

“This club means a lot to me, and to be acknowledged in this way is fantastic.”

Quade made his senior debut for South Melbourne in 1970, and began a long association with the Swans which would see him lead the club into uncharted territory 12 years later.

Club Champion in 1976, Quade captained the Swans from 1977 to 1979. It was during the tumultuous period leading into the 1982 season that he was appointed Senior Coach, and thus became the man who would oversee the move from South Melbourne to Sydney.  

Rick Quade being inducted in the Sydney Swans Hall of Fame in 2011

Quade recalled some of the tougher moments upon the club’s 1982 arrival in Sydney, as players sold cars to make ends meet as the club desperately tried to make a name for itself in the Harbour City.

“We were a bit like performing seals in those days, we would do anything to get a bit of exposure, to get our names in the papers, to make ourselves known,” said Quade.

In a message to the current playing group, Quade spoke of resilience and belief, urging the players to dream big, just as they did four decades ago

“One of the things you must have is ambition. The sky’s the limit. This is one of the best young groups I have seen in a long time. If we can stay injury free, and have a good run, we’ll be amazed how far we can go this year.”

Quade coached the club until 1984 and later served in a number of capacities, including Chairman of Selectors and as a member of the Board of Directors. The match-day players’ room is named in his honour. 

Rick Quade in action during his playing days

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