Rebecca Skilton is the Club’s No. 1 Ticket Holder for 2024. The granddaughter of Bloods Legend Bob Skilton is a much-loved member of the Sydney Swans family, having attended games and club events from a young age.

Skilton was named ahead in the 150th year of South Melbourne and the Sydney Swans. Speaking to Sydney Swans Media, Skilton said she’s immensely proud to be connected with the red and white.

“It’s hard to describe how honoured I am to be named the number one ticket holder for 2024. I would consider it an absolute privilege in any year, but for it to be in the 150th year of our club is just so special to me, and of course, my family.

“The Sydney Swans have played a very important and integral part in my life, and I am fortunate enough to consider those involved with the club – both past and present – as members of my family. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood took place dressed in red and white, and I’m proud to say that I have been able to continue creating these memories well into adulthood.

"The Swans have been a formidable force on-field for the better part of my life, and that success would have been impossible without the off-field ‘bloods culture’. And while it has been built on the hard work of so many, I think a fundamental part of that culture is the effort that has gone into preserving the club’s South Melbourne heritage.

“To honour the years, names, and supporters that came before as reverently as the Sydney Swans have done is a key source of my pride in the club. To consider our history as we take steps forward is part of what makes two cities, one team.

“150 years is an incredible milestone, and the club has come a long way. Not all those years were easy; but it’s that adversity that helped us foster a culture of resilience, teamwork, loyalty, and professionalism. It’s why I’m so proud to say, ‘that’s my club’.”



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