The 2021 Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period has commenced today, Monday, October 4.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions in place across the country, the 2021 Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period will be conducted virtually.

Clubs will begin virtual meetings to discuss their options for the Trade Period from 9:00am AEDT on Monday October 4, with the Period to conclude at 7:30pm AEDT on Wednesday October 13.

Sydney Swans CEO Tom Harley previewed the trade period for our members last week.

“Every player exchange period is an interesting time and often it is an emotional time, players come and go and obviously we have been on both sides of that occasion over the last few years, “ Harley said.

“You go in with a pretty basic mantra, which is to be better and exit the trade period better than what you went in. That is not always as binary as that because the movement of players becomes quite emotional but we will be looking to be a better squad and team next year.

“The trade period is not the only vehicle to do that, but it is a vehicle to do that. If we look back to last year through that period, we were able to secure a ruckman which was a really key role for us and Tom Hickey had an outstanding year, finishing fifth in our club championship.

“Part of that was also building up draft pick capital that is converted to points so we can secure QBE Sydney Swans Academy talent and we were able to secure Braeden Campbell and Errol Gulden.

“It is not always black and white, player in player out, there is a lot that goes behind it but we will make sure we do our best to improve our squad.”

Jordan Dawson expressed his desire to return home to South Australia. The 24-year old has played 64 matches for the club since his debut in 2017.

Dawson took his game to new a level in 2021, finishing third in the Club Champion Award behind Luke Parker and Jake Lloyd.

“We are really disappointed. Jordan is a fantastic person, he has developed really well in our system for six years now,” Harley said.

“It is important to note that Jordan has requested a trade, he is not a free agent and there are rules in place for free agency where players can ultimately nominate where they want to play their football and that is after eight years of qualification so that is not Jordan’s case.

“He doesn’t tick that box but we acknowledge he has requested a trade to South Australia. Kinnear Beatson and Charlie Gardiner will work their way through that.

“But I think its important for everyone to know that he was and is a big part of our future. We had big plans for Jordan and it was reflected, certainly from an offer that we put in front of Jordan, so if there is to be a negotiation there, we would expect that to be respectful and to reflect his standing at our club and the standing in the competition and potential.”

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CEO Update: 2021 Season Wrap with Tom Harley

Sydney Swans CEO Tom Harley has wrapped up the 2021 season for our members. In this end of year recap, Harley reflects on the season that was, looks ahead to 2022 and shares some insights into the upcoming 2021 Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period.

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Key rules to note in the Trading / Drafting Process:

  • A club may exchange with another club or clubs any combination of Primary List player(s), Rookie List player(s), National Draft Selection(s) and Future National Draft Selection(s)
  • Any rookie list player involved in any trade must be put on the senior list of the club to which he is traded;
  • A club cannot on-trade a player received in any exchange until the following year.
  • A club may exchange a draft selection it has received from another club, provided that the selection is not traded directly back to that club.
  • Where the exchange of a player(s) and National Draft selection(s) involves more than two clubs, it is not a requirement that each club involved in the transaction make an exchange between each other.
  • Any National Draft selection received in an exchange does not need to be exercised. 

Key player movement dates:

  • Monday 6 September: Draft Nominations Open
  • Friday 1 October: Free Agency opens
  • Monday 4 October:  2021 Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period opens
  • Friday 8 October: ?Unrestricted Free Agency closes/ Restricted Free Agency bidding closes
  • Monday 11 October: Restricted Free Agency matching closes
  • Wednesday 13 October: 2021 Continental Tyres Trade Period closes
  • October/November: Selection Only Trade Period
  • Wednesday 17 November: 2021 NAB AFL Draft Nominations Close
  • Wednesday 24 November: 2021 NAB AFL Draft Round 1
  • Thursday 25 November: Mid-Draft Trade Period
  • Thursday 25 November: 2021 NAB AFL Draft Round 2 onwards
  • Friday 26 November: Pre-Season & Rookie Draft