Earlier this month, the Sydney Swans launched a new and exciting way to engage with the Club - The Sydney Network.

The Sydney Network provides a platform for relationship building and club connectivity through a range of unique products, all featuring events held throughout the calendar year.

Incorporating three levels of membership, The Sydney Network provides opportunities from entry level through to a corporate membership.

Providing different levels of involvement for individuals and organisations, The Sydney Network has an opportunity for everyone.

We caught up with Sales Executive The Sydney Network – Brad Seymour on the new platform.

To register your interest or to find out more information, click here or contact Brad Seymour (seymourb@sydneyswans.com.au).

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Introduction to The Sydney Network

To get involved visit: https://sydneyswanshospitality.com.au/

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Q: What is The Sydney Network?

The Sydney Network is a social or business network, or an association that we have formalised that we look forward to bringing to our members this year.

The objective is connectivity and proximity of the like-minded and we have formalising using three levels of association that we be rolling out for the 2022 season.

Centre Circle, the Premier Club and for small-medium corporates, Centre Circle Corporate.

This is formalisation of products that existed back in 2018, but in that stage was all run by volunteers.

Q: Where did the idea for The Sydney Network come from?

When Centre Circle was launched in 1994, it was always run by volunteers and at this stage, the demand is there in the market place to relaunch the product and scale it, which is what we have done by adding the Premier Club and Centre Circle Corporate.

Q: What products does The Sydney Network include?

The base level is Centre Circle which a lot of our members are rejoining. We have had a great take up of that product already before Christmas. That buys access to a schedule of 4-5 events that are held throughout the year.

It is a pay per use model and a very basic, entry level product.

The Premier Club is a little bit more in-depth where we take in individuals inside the club, further into the inner sanctum and give them access to what the club is known for in relation to leadership and culture, along with a variety of match day and non-match day events.

Centre Circle Corporate is another level altogether – from the boardroom to the grandstand and everything in between, gaining access to closed training sessions and our coaching staff.

 Q: When will the events begin taking place?

Events will begin rolling out from March 2022 and throughout the calendar year.

The club is waiting for the AFL to release the upcoming draw and then our schedule of events will begin rolling out across all three associations. 

Q: How do you get involved?

 You can register via the website or they can contact me (seymourb@sydneyswans.com.au).

It’s a gateway to the Swans and it’s a gateway to socialise and do business with like-minded people.