Get the latest news on Josh Kennedy, Harry Cunningham and more as we chat with Head of Physiotherapy and Medical Services, Daman Raper. 

Rd 10 v Carlton - general overview

In our AFL match against Carlton on Friday night, Josh Kennedy stretched his hamstring when contesting the ball in a marking contest in the second quarter. 

He has sustained a hamstring strain and following imaging and discussions with our medical and rehabilitation team, we expect Josh’s injury to take between 8-10 weeks before he can return to play. 

Nick Blakey sprained his ankle in a marking contest but was able to return to the field in the second half and complete the match.

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Longmire Press Conference - May 23, 2022

Head Coach John Longmire chats to the media ahead of Sydney's Round 11 clash with Richmond.

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Our VFL team recorded a strong 31-point victory over Coburg on Saturday afternoon, and fortunately no-one sustained any injuries from the game. 

Harry Cunningham

Harry is progressing as per expectations with his abdominal tendon injury rehabilitation. He is looking to build his running volume this week whilst continuing to progress his strength in the gym. 

Angus Sheldrick

Angus commenced running this week. He commenced on the AlterG treadmill and will progress to overground running throughout the week. 

We are continuing to monitor his knee and how it responds to increasing his training loads following his surgery.

Sam Naismith

Sam was seen by his knee specialist, Dr David Parker, last week. David was happy with Sam’s progress and has cleared him to recommence running and his ACL rehabilitation program.