The Sydney Swans and Richmond will kick off Marn Grook at the SCG on Friday night by exchanging cultural gifts.

Sydney will give a First Nations shield, which has been decorated with a Sydney Swans and Richmond Tigers logo, as well as the upcoming match details, created by Aboriginal artist and proud Bidjigal man Michael Cooley.

“First Nations shields come in many different forms depending on the tribe that made them and their function,” said Sydney’s Indigenous Strategy and Player Development Manager Jarred Hodges.

“Aboriginal shields come in 2 main types, Broad shields, and Parrying shields. Parrying shields parry blows from a club whereas broad shields block spears. Shields for parrying are thick strong and narrow whereas broad shields are wide but thin.

“Shields were used during close combat, they were effective defensive weapons against clubs and other hand-held weapons, and are made from different materials in different areas, they were made from buttress root, mulga wood and bark.

“This broad shield designed by Michael Cooley is reflective of what the Bidjigal and Gadigal Peoples used in battle.”

The Swans take on Richmond at Marn Grook at the SCG on Friday night at 7:50pm.

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