Name: Robbie Fox

Nickname: Foxy

Grand final – day, twilight, or night: Day

Bounce – yes or no: Yes

Best set shot: Oliver Florent

Most underrated AFL player: Alex Johnson

My coach often says: Newy!

Best advice you’ve received: Kick it 70

Greatest footy moment before the AFL: Playing with Tom Goodwin

Favourite AFLW player: Sarah Perkins

Least-preferred teammate on road trips and why: Zak Jones (taste in music)

Funniest teammate: Dane Rampe

Which teammates pick themselves in AFL Fantasy: Jake Lloyd

Team barracked for as a kid: North Melbourne

Most inspiring movie: Over the Hedge

Best concert attended: Carley Rae Jepson

Apps you can’t live without: Snapchat

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram

Favourite café: Mahon Pool

And what do you order? Avo Stack

Hidden talent: DJing

Guilty pleasure: Red wine

Your passions or interests outside footy: Growing herbs and chillies and going to the beach

Life motto: Have fun

Do you have any pets? No

Favourite cartoon or movie character: Frank Murphy

Favourite holiday spot: Boat Harbour 

Best piece of advice your mum has given to you: Be nice to your brother and sister