Sydney Swans Board Director Sam Mostyn was last month on hand at the Newtown Breakaways as the women’s Australian rules football club held its 2019 Guernsey Presentation.

The Sydney-based club took on the Swans’ famed red and white colours when a group of players diverted from the Sydney University Bombers in 2002, establishing a team in the Sydney Women’s Australian Football League.

The Breakaways have since won seven premierships, including four in a row in the first four years of their history, and the club prides itself on commitment, competitiveness and inclusivity.

Mostyn had previously contributed significantly to the development of women’s football, having been appointed to the AFL Commission in 2005 and advocating for the growth of a national women’s league in an 11-year tenure.

Her tireless work bore fruit when the AFLW launched in February 2017, and the Swans hope to one day have a team of their own.

The Swans took a crucial step forward in their pursuit of that goal in 2018, launching the QBE Sydney Swans Academy Youth Girls Program as its athletes lifted their eyes to unprecedented futures in sport.

Mostyn paid tribute to the Breakaways players for their enormous contribution to women’s football.

“You are the exemplars of the development of Australian rules football,” Mostyn said at the Guernsey Presentation.

“This is what the future of footy looks like: it’s this room. It’s about showing no distinction between men and women and their desires to be great sports stars, to be great leaders and to do whatever they want.

“You’re living this evolution and I hope you continue to have a wonderful time as a club. I hope you have a great season. I hope season 2019 is a sensational one.”

The Breakaways’ Guernsey Presentation was hosted by the Salisbury Hotel, which is among a number of Swans-friendly venues.

Registration for the Breakaways remains open for season 2019, and women can get involved by enquiring through the club’s website HERE.

The Sydney Swans Foundation is the driving force behind the club’s community work. CLICK HERE to learn more about the work of the Foundation.