When the Sydney Swans run out against Hawthorn at the SCG this Friday night they will be wearing a jumper that holds great significance for our Marn Grook game.

The 2017 Sydney Swans Indigenous guernsey pays homage to the Club’s original Indigenous guernsey designed by Lisa Sansbury, mother of Sydney Swans champion, Adam Goodes.

The artwork on the guernsey depicts where the city meets the sea, telling the tale of Indigenous people coming together around Sydney’s harbour and estuaries.

The design was first worn by the team back in 2014, and at the time, Adam Goodes explained the meaning of the detail his mother put into her unique creation.

“When you think of Sydney, we’re pretty much surrounded mostly by water on the east coast, so it’s about us living with and on the land with lots of water around us,” Goodes said.

“The red and white parts are the meeting places, which actually intertwine with the water, which is the blue.

“There are lots of circles on the guernsey, which are all connected, which means that the land is connected with the water.

“There’s a beautiful story in there, and the story is a tribute to my late Aunty Margaret.

“It’s a really amazing jumper and when you see it up close you can really see the detail in it and see what mum was trying to do with her meeting places, the circles, connecting to the water lines as well.”

In addition to its unique design, the Sydney Swans Marn Grook guernsey will also feature the letter ‘R’ in support of the Recognise campaign, to have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples acknowledged as the First Australians in the Constitution.

The 2017 Sydney Swans Indigenous Guernsey is now available to order from the Swanshop.

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