The Sydney Swans have marked the lead-up to the first Pride Game for premiership points in Sydney by launching a Diversity Action Plan (DAP).

The DAP is a joint initiative from the Board, staff, players and community leaders. It addresses four key pillars, including:

  • Disability Empowerment
  • LGBTIQ Pride
  • Multicultural Inclusion
  • Advancement of Women

The four pillars are all underpinned by the Sydney Swans’ core value of respect.

Sydney Swans CEO and Managing Director Andrew Ireland said the DAP formalises commitments to embrace difference and make everyone feel welcome.  

“We’re really proud to be launching our first Diversity Action Plan ahead of this week’s Pride Game,” Ireland said.

“The DAP aims to continue to steer our football club on a path that creates a flexible and harmonious workplace, one that’s rich in diverse thought and experience, and a place where everyone feels welcome.

“I would like to thank the DAP committee for their hard work in bringing this document together.”

The DAP committee was chaired by Sydney Swans Board member Sam Mostyn, who is the current Deputy Chair of the Diversity Council of Australia.

“In creating our Diversity Action Plan, we were able to draw on the learnings gained in the development of the AFL’s Respect and Responsibility policies, our learning and experience as a club in committing to our Reconciliation Action Plan, and the insights brought by the diverse group of people on our committee,” Mostyn said.

“Our plan is much more than a set of policies. It is a strong commitment to a set of values throughout our football club which seek to empower, to educate, and to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors knows that they belong and are respected.”

The DAP committee includes:

  • Sam Mostyn, DAP chairperson and Sydney Swans Board member
  • Aliir Aliir, Sydney Swans player
  • Cynthia Banham, Sydney Swans ambassador
  • Elise Cameron, Sydney Swans Dietician
  • Scott Dalby, Sydney Swans Human Resources Manager
  • Natalie Fagg, Sydney Swans Head of Customer and Community
  • Andrew Ireland, Sydney Swans CEO and Managing Director
  • Sarina Jackson, Rainbow Swans chair
  • Nick Smith, Sydney Swans player
  • Kelle Storey, Sydney Swans General Manager of Commercial

Among the highlights of the DAP:

  • Tailored clinics for children with a disability
  • Making Pride Game a permanent fixture request
  • A commitment to increase the cultural and ethnic diversity of staff
  • 16 weeks paid maternity leave for primary caregivers
  • A youth girls stream as part of the QBE Sydney Swans Academy
  • A commitment to bid for a Sydney Swans AFLW team

The DAP builds on the important work already being undertaken as part of the Sydney Swans Reconciliation Action Plan, which aims to foster respect, opportunities and relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities.

CLICK HERE to read the full Diversity Action Plan.