The Sydney Swans are throwing their support behind Transport for NSW’s #SeeYouSoon holiday road safety campaign that uses Twitter-linked digital billboards and the social media voices of everyday people to encourage loved ones to drive safe these summer holidays.

Using the hashtag #SeeYouSoon, messages from the public will be displayed across a network of digital billboards, on social media, online and in-stations across the state for drivers and commuters to see on their journey.

This year alone, 375 lives have been lost on the states roads, 40 more than the same– mothers, fathers, friends and loved ones who never made it home for Christmas.

The #SeeYouSoon campaign will focus on something just as impactful as those numbers - the emotional connection between holiday travellers, their friends and families. 

The innovative approach will remind people not to be complacent before setting off and to celebrate every safe journey this summer.

Sydney Swan Kieren Jack is one of the ambassadors for the initiative and said he is proud to be involved in such an important road safety initiative.

“We all have a responsibility to help keep our roads safe so that travellers make it home, so let’s work together to ensure there are no empty seats at the dinner table this Christmas,” Jack said.

“It all starts with getting the basics right when it comes to speeding, drink driving, driving while tired, buckling up, and keeping your hands off your mobile phone – doing the right thing will save lives.”

NSW Centre for Road Safety Executive Director Bernard Carlon said too many lives have been lost on NSW roads this year and reminded everyone that they should never underestimate their ability to change people’s behaviours.

“Whether it’s a gentle reminder as loved ones are headed out the door or a more personal message to a friend or family member on Twitter – these messages can be a powerful reminder to those on our roads and can even save someone’s life,”

“That’s why we’re calling on everyone to tweet their #SeeYouSoon messages to be displayed for their loved ones as well as all drivers across NSW.”

“Summer holidays should be a happy time, but the road toll during this busy period is a reminder of the importance of us all coming together to make every journey a safe one.”

The campaign was launched today by road safety ambassadors including The Wiggles, Australian Cricketer Peter Nevill, Jarred Tyson of the Western Sydney Wanderers and players from the Sydney Swans and the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

The #SeeYouSoon campaign forms part of NSW Government’s commitment to bringing the road toll closer Towards Zero.

Those wishing to participate are being encouraged to tweet a message to their loved ones at home or before they get in the car using the hashtag #SeeYouSoon, as a promise and reminder to drive safely.

So, what's your message to friends and family on the road this holiday season?

Make every journey a safe one this summer.

For more information about the #SeeYouSoon campaign visit: