As the official MC of this year’s Club Champion Dinner, Adam Spencer was all over Friday night’s proceedings.

Or so he thought.

It was the announcement the media presenter and personality didn’t see coming – the crowning of the Swans’ Number One Ticket Holder for 2016.

Standing side of stage as chairman Andrew Pridham took to the microphone, the usually calm and collected former ABC Breakfast host became “weak at the knees” as hints were dropped during the award’s introduction.

“Andrew started cracking prime number jokes,” Spencer said, an acknowledgment of his Bachelor of Science and high-class honours in Pure Mathematics.

“Everyone started looking at me and laughing and I was looking back (completely stunned).

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked and thrilled.”

An avid Swans supporter, the 46-year-old couldn’t wait for 2016 to start despite being over six months away.

As the Swans’ Number One Ticket Holder, Spencer will be entrusted with promoting and supporting the Swans across a whole range of different platforms and events throughout season 2016.

Spencer is already a regular attendee at Swans games, both as a devoted follower of the game and as a master of ceremonies at functions, so what the next 12 months entails will be entirely up to the man himself.

“I suddenly feel a sense of responsibility which is a bit exciting and little bit scary.

“I get the impression that you write your own job description so that excites and scares me at the same time.

“I won’t leave anything in the locker and will give it everything I’ve got.”

Spencer takes over from Bloods Brother member and ovarian cancer advocate Duncan McPherson OAM.