Sydney Swans champion Adam Goodes has confirmed he wants to return to face Geelong on Saturday night at Simonds Stadium after a week away on personal leave.

Goodes stepped onto the SCG playing surface and was greeted by a media pack 30-strong, but even with the snap of the cameras in his face, the veteran had a broad smile and spoke of his relief to be training with teammates ahead of an important clash with the Cats.

He did some light work away from the main group with the likes of Lance Franklin, Josh Kennedy, Isaac Heeney, Mike Pyke and Rhyce Shaw, and looked happy to be home.

An outsider looking on might wonder why the 12 television crews and countless photographers had turned up for this run of the mill Tuesday training session, given the buoyant mood the Swans games record holder was in.

The dual Brownlow medallist is an all-time great of this proud footy club and has been a part of the Bloods culture for almost 17 years, so it's little wonder this is a place Goodes feels comfortable.

Adam Goodes gets a high five from teammate Isaac Heeney

Goodes said he was 'humbled' by the support he had received from other clubs and players from all levels of the game, along with the broader community while he was on leave. 

"From all involved at the Sydney Swans, from other clubs and players from all levels of the game, from other codes, from the AFL, from so many in the community, the support has been amazing and it has been felt. It has been a great reminder of why I am one of so many people that just love our game," he said.

The Swans defeated Adelaide by 52-points last Saturday as fans broke out in applause in support of the absent Goodes who watched the game from home.

Adam Goodes shares a laugh with coach John Longmire at training on Tuesday.