Sydney Swans chief executive Tom Harley joined SEN radio on Monday morning to provide an update on what the club is doing during the current trade period.

Read the key quotes from the chat below and listen to the full interview at the bottom of this article.

On what the club is looking for this trade period.

“Obviously any trade period you are looking to improve your position. Sometimes that is your draft position, sometimes it is list, sometimes it is points. Having some certainty around list sizes and list spots is pretty key to it all at the minute. We have been on the record as saying we are looking at ruckman but our primary focus is getting our best players on the park and we would like to think that we are building something here. The development from our squad will come from within and will be a key focus for us moving forward.”

Aliir Aliir

“He is a contracted player. There was some talk at the start of the trade period about Aliir and Port. He had his exit interview a couple of weeks ago and we expect Aliir to be part of it for sure.” 

Paddy McCartin joining the Swans 

“He spent some time up in Sydney about six weeks ago now and we had a discussion with Paddy. A bit of that goes to the list spots. Obviously Tom, his brother, plays up here so we have been monitoring Paddy but nothing further to update on at this point in time. Without committing to anything, once we know the players we have out of contract and what we might be doing with them along with rookie list opportunities. We have nothing set in stone but we have had that discussion and the added layer of having Tom on the list and being an important part of our future going forward we are very close to the family.” 

Joe Daniher 12 months on going to Brisbane

“Last year it moved really late and there was a vehicle to look at getting Joe through a trade. We put forward a trade that included getting Tom Papley to Carlton at the time. That vehicle was no longer there and then a lot can happen in 12 months. We maintained an interest but we ultimately came to a position where we couldn’t commit to Joe or the other way around, so we were more observers and monitors of the situation this year. Clearly Joe got a really good opportunity up in Brisbane and that is how it played out."

Tom Hickey

“We are talking to Tom. Tom is contracted with West Coast so with contracted players you have to respect that. We have had a discussion with Tom and we think he could add something to the squad. Obviously we have been challenged in that area primarily to injuries to Sam Naismith and Cal Sinclair. So we would like to put some support in there and we will monitor that one pretty closely today and tomorrow as the trades wrap up on Thursday.”