With the full squad returning to pre-season training last week, Executive General Manager- Football, Charlie Gardiner gives an update on the players on the injury list.

Lance Franklin - hamstring

Lance is tracking well, he is increasing his running each week, he’s getting faster in terms of his progressions and gradually completing some modified and controlled skills sessions. We will look to expand and progress his program over the next few weeks.

Isaac Heeney- ankle

Isaac is still coming back from surgery on his ankle that he had in the middle of last year.

He’s running, running well and working on his agility and speed work and he is on a similar trajectory to Lance.

Tom Papley – knee.

Tom had some surgery in the off-season to clean up some cartilage in his knee so he’s had a delayed start but he is back running now and on a modified program and hoping to get into skills in the coming weeks.

Nick Blakey - shoulder

Nick has returned to full training, albeit slightly modified to reduce his contact, given the shoulder surgery we just need to make sure we take our time to get that right but otherwise doing all the skills and running components, just holding back on the contact for the time being.

George Hewett - back

George is going really well, he had a back injury and surgery at the back end of last year which he has overcome well. He has done a lot of work in the off-season and on his break to build strength through his lower back and he is now at a stage where he can join the whole group in skills sessions but we are just watching how much loading we give to him at the moment but all signs are positive at the moment.

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Injury Update - January 12, 2021

Executive General Manager of Football Charlie Gardiner brings you an update on our injured players.

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