Get the latest on the injury list from Head of Physiotherapy & Medical Services Damian Raper who provides updates on Lance Franklin, Tom Papley, Isaac Heeney, Sam Naismith, Justin McInerney, Kaiden Brand and Harry Cunningham.

Sam Naismith
He is back in training, he commenced some rehab skills a few weeks ago, he is back training with the group and is doing some foundation based skills. He has progressed along really well, going really well with his change of direction and still working hard on his jumping and landing in the gym, but is coming along well and he is going to progress back into full training in the coming weeks.

Isaac Heeney
Isaac is back with the main group, he played 60 minutes worth of match play on the weekend and we are hoping he is going to progress back into full games throughout the practice match series

Justin McInerney
Justin is coming along, he had some back soreness over the Christmas break and he is back into running, he is changing direction well and he also, along with Sam Naismith, started some rehab skills and is back training with the main group in a modified training program at the moment.

Harry Cunningham
Harry Cunningham is full training, he played all of match play last week without any issues.

Lance Franklin
Lance had a minor setback, he had calf tightness that interrupted his training program and we missed two sessions unfortunately as a result of that. He is coming along well now, he is back into training and he is continuing to work, running really well and will integrate back into the main group. 

Tom Papley
Tom Papley is going well and another positive story for the group. A positive program over the last couple of weeks, he completed 60 minutes worth of match play on Friday, came through without any issues, and he is going to integrate back into full skills training over the coming weeks and play in our practice match series.

Jordan Dawson
No issues with Jordan after his quad strain, he completed full match play last Thursday with the group. 

Kaiden Brand
Kaiden is now four and a half months after his shoulder surgery and he is completing some contact based work across to the side, away from the main group, and then he is doing some non-contact skills with the group.

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Injury Report - February 15, 2021

Head of Physiotherapy & Medical Services Damian Raper provides an update on our injured players.

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