A host of young boys and girls from a junior football club the Sydney Swans helped establish enjoyed an afternoon to remember at the SCG on Tuesday.

Fourteen budding footballers from the Leichhardt Cygnets toured the Club and fired off questions to up-and-coming Swans Will Hayward, Ben Ronke, Tom McCartin and Dan Robinson.

They got a glimpse of the coaches’ room, change rooms, the hallowed SCG and even the premiership cups.

Leichhardt Cygnets secretary Nick Brown said the boys and girls were thrilled to be able to visit the Club.

“I would say probably 90 per cent of our players are Swans fans, so the ability to come behind the scenes, meet some players and see what goes into a typical AFL player’s day is amazing for them,” Brown said.

“My son is here today and he has talked about nothing else for the past week. They had a gala-day tournament on Sunday and it was the number one topic of conversation all day.”

The Cygnets’ colours, logo and name were all inspired by the Swans.

They took on red and white colours, the Swans designed their logo and their name was a lock from the get-go – a cygnet is a young swan.

In the words of Brown, “the Swans made sure we looked the business when we stepped out on the pitch”.

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