IT’S GAME ON for the Sydney Swans to be part of the AFLW competition.

Today, we launch our bid to be part of Season 7, commencing in late 2022.

We are calling on all our members and fans to back our AFLW bid by registering their support here. Every name will help us demonstrate that our people are right behind our AFLW team and are ready to see them in action next year. 

Over the coming weeks, you will see across our Swans channels a wide range of people endorsing and throwing their support behind our bid. These will include past and present players, their daughters, ambassadors, fans, community and grassroots players and corporate partners.

While our bid launches today, our journey to be part of AFLW commenced in earnest many years ago, when we made the decision to commit to a girl’s academy to provide a pathway for this very opportunity.

There are now 299 girls engaged in our QBE Sydney Swans Academy program, from under 12s, right through to draft age this year.

The launch of the Sydney Swans AFLW team is a significant milestone in the history of the Club.

Back our bid and be part of our march into AFLW. It will be an exciting ride.

It’s game on.

Cheer cheer,

Tom Harley
Chief Executive