Top End Male

Colin O'Riordan: Academy Head Coach U18 Male

Shane McGahan: Academy Head Coach U16 Male 

Damien Eaves: Academy Assistant Coach Male

Dan Cosenza: Head of Strength and Conditioning

Nick Hay: Strength & Conditioning U18 Male

Hamish Sheehan: Strength & Conditioning U16 Male


Top End Female

Nick Davis: Academy Head Coach U18 Female

Bronwyn Gulden: Academy Coach U16 Female

Tanya Hetherington: Academy Assistant Coach Female

Brooke Lochland: Academy Assistant Coach Female

Kristie Whittard: Academy Assistant Coach Female

Dan Cosenza: Head of Strength and Conditioning

Peter Alexander: Strength & Conditioning U18 Female

Kate Arnol: Strength & Conditioning U18 Female

Oriane Villiers: Strength & Conditioning U16 Female



Anthony Cahill: Operations and Systems Manager

Kristie Whittard: Female Academy Operations Coordinator

Alan Ralph: Logistics & Facilities Coordinator

Peter Doualetas: Technology & Performance Analysis Coordinator

Oriane Villiers: Sports Science