In a whirlwind 2021 season, experience ruckman-forward Callum Sinclair reflects back on the year with pride at how the players and entire club handed the Covid interruptions and how despite his own personal challenges, he managed to help out his younger teammates and continue to contribute to the team.

The Sydney Swans 2021 campaign came to an end following a one-point defeat to the GWS Giants in an Elimination Final, but Sinclair says that the side showed plenty of positives to walk away from a really successful season.

“It was a whirlwind of a year,” Sinclair said.

“Going into the season, we probably thought we would go back to normal after the hub experience last year, but with the NSW situation it wasn’t the case. But I’m extremely proud of how the players, the coaching staff and all the football staff handled it.

“It was a terrific effort and a really successful season,” he continued.

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2021 Season Review - Callum Sinclair

We spoke to Callum Sinclair as he reflected on the year gone by.

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“There were a lot of players that came into the year with a lot more experience, a lot more games under their belt who were ready to take it to the next level with their football and we showed that against the top teams this year.

“It was a disappointing way to go out but I think it shows that the footy club and the list is in a really good position.”

From a personal point of view, Sinclair played 4 games for the Swans.

While not taking the field as much as he “would have liked to”, the experienced ruckman-forward played an important role providing leadership and guidance for some of his developing teammates and the relatively young Swans VFL side.

In his sixth season with the club, he kept a positive outlook.

“There is a ton of talent on the list at the moment so I personally probably didn’t play as much senior footy as I probably would have liked to, but I took great pride in helping out the younger guys where I could,” Sinclair said.

“But they don’t need much help. They have a ton of talent and their football showed that they can match it with anyone so it’s an exciting time for all.”

While the year was personally changing for Sinclair, he had a positive impact on those around him.

He remained positive about the experience with goals on doing whatever he can to continue to contribute to the team.

He re-signed with the club late last month.

“It was really challenging because from a personal point of view, you are out there to play senior footy, but it wasn’t to be the case this year,” Sinclair said.

“I think with Covid, the protocols and restrictions from state to state, it was challenging with players left in Sydney, four of us who went into quarantine midway through the year but we had amazing support from the footy club that helped us and everyone who came in, came in with a really good attitude.”

“I just want to be another regular contributor to this team,” Sinclair added when speaking of next year goals.

“It has been a bit tough this year, sitting on the sidelines watching, but there isn’t much you can do apart from go back to the drawing board, improve your footy and go from there.”