Head of Athletic Performance Rob Inness has lauded the intensity of the Swans opening training sessions of the 2022 pre-season as the first-four year players focus on building a strong fitness base heading into the Christmas break.

There were plenty of familiar faces with the likes of Oliver Florent, Tom McCartin, Errol Gulden and James Bell joining the first group, while senior figures Callum Mills, Luke Parker and Lance Franklin were also at Lakeside Oval for Day One.

With the 2km time trial being hotly contested, Inness says the players have collectively brought plenty of energy as excitement builds for the new campaign and before the rest of the squad return on 6 December.

“We had our time trial at the start of the day, and then did a footy session just to get them back involved in group skills again, and then some more conditioning off the back of that also," Inness says.

"The main focus is building a base. Our first couple of sessions is getting an understanding of where the players are at, but then from there they build a base and integrate footy into it, he said.

"So by the time they come back after Christmas, which isn’t too far away, you are able to integrate into higher level skills towards the season.

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Pre-Season Training - 22 November, 2021

The boys are back in town! 'Check out all the action as our 1-4 year players returned to the club to start our 2022 campaign today.

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"All of our guys train with really good intensity and really good voice and they are all enthusiastic, and everyone brings something different to the table and I am glad they are all back here and training together."

While Monday marked the first official day of pre-season training, the current squad have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure they return in the best condition possible.

Whether it's Logan McDonald or Chad Warner training interstate, or the likes of Dane Rampe, Jake Lloyd or Isaac Heeney coming into the club for their own sessions, the entire playing group have put their best foot forward.

It's that type of team ethos that will drive the club moving forward into a new season with plenty of promise.

Lance Franklin on Day One of pre-season training. Photo by Phil Hillyard

"We have seen the guys around over the last couple of weeks but it's great having them come in and doing an official session together, and seeing them integrate what they have been doing over the break into what we have been doing this week," he said.

"They are a tight-knight bunch, and they like spending time together, so they all did their programs in groups throughout the break. 

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"They're self-organised so anytime they take initiative like that, they get together and show leadership amongst themselves. It's a really good thing and hopefully that translates into their pre-season block for us."

Inness was also quick to praise the senior figures who came down to support the first-four year players - praising their leadership and profound influence on the younger members of the team.

"It was good to see some of the senior players down here, encouraging others. We have really strong leaders, who are always trying to make the younger guys better," he said.

"It's always good to see the senior guys come in and check out how the younger guys are going and the younger players get a boost out of that too."